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Boiler / System Fault Diagnosis & Repair

Having problems with your heating, hot water or both? Have you been told that your boiler needs replacing but aren’t sure? Here at East Kent Coastal, we are boiler repair specialists!

Boiler Problems - Kent Boiler Repair Specialists£55 Repair On The Spot* -for when your problem can be sorted on the initial visit within an hour, plus the cost of any parts that may be required. Additional hours will be charged at £45 per hour (or part thereof) and you will be told the total cost before work past the first hour is carried out. This will include any travelling time to collect the required parts, if they are available locally (see below!).

£100 Repair On Return – This includes the initial diagnostic visit and the return visit with any ordered parts, if they can be fitted within an hour, plus the cost of the parts. Additional hours required will be charged at £45 per hour. The return visit will be booked in on the spot at the inital visit, so you know you will not be left waiting in the dark for days on end, and a total price for the repair given.

*A reduction to this fee is discretionary. Should a fault only take, for example, 10 minutes to find and fix without fitting parts, the engineer may reduce it by up to 50%.

  • If we need to travel to collect parts so that we can repair your system/appliance on the first visit, this travelling time is chargeable. GPS tracking information will be supplied with your invoice, so you can be sure there will be no dawdling! However, the most common central heating parts, and some boiler parts, are always carried on the van to avoid this where possible.
  • During the Winter months, we carry electric heaters on the van for when parts need to be ordered and your boiler cannot be restarted on the initial visit. If you would like to be left with some, they are chargeable due to the PAT testing that would legally be required after each lend if we were to take them back. However, you of course get to keep them and I buy them in bulk so that they can be supplied to you, at cost, for a very reasonable price.
  • If the repair required is uneconomical and it is decided that a replacement boiler is the best option for you, the diagnosis fee will be waived if we are employed to carry out the replacement. A quote for the new installation will be given within 24 hours of the visit. See New Boiler Installation.