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About East Kent Coastal

Hello! I’m Geoff, the proprietor of East Kent Coastal. I have been working in the domestic plumbing and gas heating sector since 2005, starting East Kent Coastal in 2017. I have lived in the Margate area since birth, my family originally coming from the Faversham and Herne Bay areas. My young son is the apple of my eye and, when I haven’t got my head stuck in a boiler, I enjoy making music in my spare time.

I have worked for one-man bands, small and medium-sized companies and have been self-employed previously in a subcontractor capacity.  I decided to set up East Kent Coastal as I felt that the reputation of plumbers and heating engineers could still do with some improvement and I wanted to set a higher standard of service to dispel some of the usual preconceptions.

As a company, we have often found that people have been told that they need a new boiler when, in fact, their existing one can be repaired cheaply and easily to give many more years of service. Of course, sometimes this is not the case and it is better to consider a replacement. Both are services that we are happy to perform, along with many others. Read on!