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Homeowner / Landlord Gas Safety Reports*

Homeowner and landlord gas safety reports in kent£60 for properties with only a boiler or a boiler & cooker/hob/oven; £15 extra per additional gas appliance on the property.

  • We complete our gas safety reports on a tablet app, so they can be emailed to you and your tenants within seconds of their completion, which, as well as being more convenient, also cuts down on paperwork…and is better for the environment!
  • If works are required to rectify any defects on the installation or any unsafe appliances, you will be quoted for such. If the quote is accepted, the work will be carried out and a new gas safety report undertaken and issued free of charge.


If you are a landlord or letting agent with multiple properties within the same geographical area, please call or email for a quote. COMING SOON…Letting Agent/Landlord Web Areas – log in to your very own secure part of our website to view and download everything relating to your properties (gas safety reports, repair details, invoices etc).

* Although commonly known as ‘certificates’, this term is not strictly applicable, since there is no ‘pass or fail’ for the property as a whole – it is a report on the individual safety of the gas appliance(s), meter and pipework as they are found at the time of the visit.